California identification (driver’s licenses) are issued in two types: “REAL ID”, and “Federal Limits Apply.” If the individual's ID is labeled as Federal Limits Apply, firearms dealers should require them to provide proof of lawful presence which includes:

  • Valid, unexpired U.S. passport or passport card

  • Certified copy of U.S. birth certificate

  • U.S. Certificate or Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a U.S. Citizen

  • Valid, unexpired foreign passport with valid U.S. immigrant visa and approved Record of Arrival/Departure (I-94) form

  • Certified copy of a birth certificate from a U.S. Territory

  • Certificate of Naturalization or U.S. Citizenship

  • Valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card

If the he address on the valid ID needs to be current, but if it is not current, then the buyer must bring proof of address such as a utility bill or lease agreement (Pen . Code, § 26845).

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